3DMark Next Generation [3D Mark 11] named, detailed

Futuremark is preparing a new generation of 3D graphics benchmark, 3DMark. The new version is called 3DMark 11 (probably called "the year 2011 or DirectX 11) and trying to be the worst nightmare of all current generation of GPUs (stress test). With added generation of GPUs DirectX 11 ATI, the" current ", 3DMark 11 will focus on the possibility of GPU '11 DirectX, you probably use the new textures and plate elements.

References will be able to move the GPU and future opportunities. At least one document confirming his game, he learned that the so-called "waterboarding waterboarding. There is no mention of NVIDIA PhysX technology, and it is likely that the reference value is used in standard features that are available for each generation DirectX 11 GPU. However, in the sale contract with a sapphire 3DMark Vantage (where research has shown a futuristic vehicle Sapphire game logo on it), this version of the MSI market. In addition, it will be attached to the MSI graphics card to run the software. Futuremark show their latest work, if this year's Computex, held in early June in Taiwan. The software will be released some time in Q3 2010 .

Prolimatech prepares Samuel 17 low profile CPU heatsink

Prolimatech latest work is a HTPC with the CPU cooler, low profile, Samuel 17, after a section of the Old Testament Bible story of David and Goliath. Fridge uses the CPU, in which six nickel-plated copper heat pipes in direct contact with the processor and transfers the heat to a series of dense aluminum fins that spread along the plane of the motherboard. In this document, users can install 120mm fan. Heatsink measures 92 x 45 x 82 mm and weighs 410 g. It supports all current Socket LGA in 1366, LGA 1156, LGA 775, AM3/AM2 (+). It is expected that the price of 40 euros, when it goes up for sale.

Thermaltake presents the SlimX3 low-profile CPU Heatsink

Feeding the cooling needs of HTPC (Home Theater PC) users, Thermaltake introduced a new CPU cooler, called SlimX3 low profile. See the latest 36 new charges 92 x 99 mm x solution measures, weight 180 grams and the aluminum base, two 6mm copper heatpipes 80mm fan runs at 1200 rpm and 2400 rpm min and by 26.9 dBA noise.

SlimX3 processor is compatible with LGA 775/1156 (max 65W TDP) and costs less than 20 euros.

64GB Zune HD to debut on April 12, current models get price cut

Microsoft confirmed today leakage model and announced Zune 64 GB HD by integrating ZuneOriginals.com be available later, 12 April. Next laptop will cost $ 349.99 and can carry 16,000 songs, 20 hours of HD video or 25,000 photos.

Ability to update the one hand, has the Zune 64 GB HD, the same characteristics of their younger brothers and sisters - NVIDIA Tegra SoC (system-on-a-chip), an increase of 3.3 inches (480x272) OLED FM provides radio and 802.11b / g WiFi.

Those who do not need 64GB models can a 16 GB or 32 GB, which now receive their recommended retail price reduced to $ 199.99 and $ 269.99, respectively (without even cheaper at Amazon).

Symbian^3 unveiled, beating Windows Phone 7 to the market

The unlawful saucy Symbian Foot has today officially announced the Symbian^3 movable structure, making the relatively long-awaited phenomenon of the (plant) nonclassical OS. Set to be film comprehensive by the end of this individual, S^3 comes with a aggregation of updates, from a revamped interface, to a new 2D and 3D graphics architecture, faster networking, developed effectual memory management, HDMI, multi-touch order living, penalization stock desegregation, simultaneously-running apps, and solon.

"S^3 is added brobdingnagian marking in the phylogeny of our construction. Now that it is full unsettled communicator, the entry is afford to particular contributors, pattern creators and third-party developer companies, as surface as additional organizations, to make solon compelling products and services than e'er before," said Lee M. Dramatist, Head Administrator of the Symbian Fundament. "We get enjoyed portentous forcefulness since we completed S^2, with companies including Sun, Nokia, Ixonos, Comarch and Accenture, among others, contributive to S^3. We are now hunt to flesh on this forcefulness and remain on layer to pure S^4 afterward this gathering."

Symbian^3 blessing is predicted to be pretty allegro, with the prototypic phones to feature it predicted to get as presently as Q3.

Super Talent unveils new USB 3.0 flash drive

Super Talent has revealed its plans to introduce a second USB 3.0 flash drive, one that comes in lower capacities and should be cheaper than the USB 3.0 RAIDDrive. Named USB 3.0 Express Drive, the new portable storage device comes in 16GB and 32GB flavors, it measures 62 x 37 x7.5 mm, and has USB 2.0/1.1 compatibility but will reach transfer speeds of up to 125 MB/s only when USB 3.0 is used.

"This product underscores Super Talent's continued leadership in the USB 3.0 storage market", said Super Talent COO, C.H. Lee. "We've listened to our customers and responded with a USB 3.0 product that not only meets the market needs but hits the balance point between price and performance."

The USB 3.0 Express drives are set to become available next month.

gScreen dual-display laptop still coming, but with 17-inch panels

Alaska-based gScreen Computer may have missed the mark with its 15.4-inch dual-screen laptop, but it's not giving up on its dreams and so it is now preparing the introduction of the SpaceBook 17, a notebook featuring two 17.3-inch LED-backlit displays.

Offering significantly more viewing area than the initially-planned 15.4-inch model, the SpaceBook 17 is powered by a 2.66 GHz Intel Core i7-620M processor and includes 4GB of RAM, a 250GB to 500GB (7200 RPM) hard drive, a GeForce GTS 150M 1GB graphics card, and a DVD writer.

gScreen's machine also packs a 6-in-1 card reader, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.1, Gigabit Ethernet and a 9-cell battery. All this is backed by Windows 7 Professional and is expected to start shipping in May.

Lian Li Lancool K62 Red Dragon Edition already sold considerably

Case Lian Li Launches Lancool PC battery Kol new Lian Li Lancool K.62 Red Dragon Edition and all within a red LED fan. The case is small. 214 x 496 x 498 Mm.. Heavy. 9.55 Kg to enter the drive size. 5.25 Inch up. 5 The support operators do not use uniforms. Secondary prevention with hard rubber Inc. from a suspension and a port USB., Headphone jack and Mike on top.

Lian Li Lancool_K62 Red_Dragon Edition 01

Lian Li Lancool_K62 Red_Dragon Edition 02

Lian Li Lancool_K62 Red_Dragon Edition 03

The K62's cooling is handled by a front 140mm fan (1000 RPM) in front, two top-mounted 140mm fans and a 120mm rear spinner going at 1500 RPM.

Lian Li Lancool_K62 Red_Dragon Edition 05

Price of the Lian Li Lancool Red Dragon Edition is the Standard Model. 100 euro and the wall next version will have a transparent price. 110 euro light.

A secret Asus Radeon HD. 5870 And TOP Radeon HD. 5850 Direct Cu

Asus launches special edition video card with Overclock and improve cooling system from the factory. It will come together. 2 Model is Asus Radeon HD. 5870 And TOP Radeon HD. 5850 DirecCu that version. 5870 TOP will have to Overclock the cards from the factory version. 5850 DirectCu will be customized He want to sync by 20% cooler and quieter when compared with 35% He want sync Referrence.

Asus Radeon HD 5870 TOP 01

Asus Radeon HD 5850 DirectCU 01

Other details of the video card. 2 Models are not out in the open horn. If the fall when we come together an instant update to let you know own industry industry industry.

Asus MS238H LED Backlit LCD Spec

Asus LCD Screen from the new technology generation LED Backlit LCD Asus MS238H by the size. 23 Inch.

Download AMD hotfix for Radeon HD 5800 grey screen bug

AMD has a short time ago provided a just starting out Catalyst 10.1 hotfix with the aim of specifically targets users of Radeon HD 5800 chain cards with the aim of arrange veteran the 'grey screen crash' or else vertical line corruption all through gaming or else 'lighter' apply (like browsing). The deliver was assumed to be located caused by a Windows 7 bring up to date but the hotfix is to be had in favor of Windows 7, having the status of well having the status of in favor of Windows landscape and XP.

Folks how had problems with their Cypress-based cards can download the Catalyst 10.1 hotfix from this page.

Corsair to offer 3.5-inch 512GB solid state drive

Beside the new 2.5-inch Nova and Reactor drives, Corsair is also preparing the release of its first 3.5-inch SSD. Part of the Performance Series, the upcoming 3.5-inch drive has a capacity of 512GB, an aluminum casing, a SATA 3.0 Gbps interface, MLC (multi-level cell) NAND Flash memory chips, 128MB of cache, and delivers read and write speeds of up to 240 MB/s and 200 MB/s, respectively.

The yet unannounced 512GB SSD is currently available for pre-order @ £1,226.88 / $1,968 / 1,408 Euro so if you want one you'd better start saving.


FurMark 1.8.0 released

Time to make your graphics card scream like a little girl again, as a new version of the popular stress testing and benchmarking utility, FurMark, has just been released. Coming to push the latest GPUs to their limits, FurMark 1.8.0 features:

- New: now all options are available in benchmarking mode: Xtrem Burning, postfx (FX) and displacement mapping (DM).
- New: added new effet (displacement mapping) on the fur rendering.
- New: GUI translation is done with XML files in the localization folder.
- New: added hotkeys: P to enable/disable post fx rendering, T to enable/disable temperature graphs rendering.
- New: GPU temperature is now exported in xml and csv formats.
- New: twitter submission displays a login dialog box to tweet your score.
- Change: the fur rendering workload has been increased to produce more heat.
- Change: improved temperature graphs readability.
- Change: updated with the latest version of ZoomGPU for graphics hardware detection.
- Change: A cool new background image.

To download FurMark 1.8.0 see this page. And remember, use with care.


Razer rolls out the Vespula dual-sided mouse mat

Razer has promptly lingering its invention line-up by releasing the Vespula, a dual-sided gaming mouse mat measuring 300 (L) x 240 (W) x 4 (H) mm. The in mint condition facade has a lusterless, non-slip powerfully coat, a recall conformance wrist remainder, and provides users the wealth of either a zip facade, with a smooth texture, designed pro smoother, fast-paced stroke, or else a Control facade which enables tactile view via a loutishly textured facade.

"The Razer Vespula was designed with gamers at home mind to need a single solution pro all game they games. Singular genres call pro singular gameplays. The superior knowledge at home the improved dual-sided mouse mat gives gamers the wealth of a smooth zip facade or else a textured Control facade, which delivers specifically to flexibility," alleged Robert 'Razerguy' Krakoff, president, Razer USA. "The Control facade is eminent pro gamers to use up tiny, precise actions, while the zip facade is an ideal match pro gamers to wish overweight, sweeping motions."

The Razer Vespula is at this time on transaction next to $34.99 / €34.99.

Google's Nexus One is Coming

We undergo, you're so astounded. Google's finally addicted the Nexus One. We've course heard all about the sound already from incertain sources, and still reviewed the purported manoeuvre, but now that they've got one in deal up on a arrange, we assume we'll score to set excursus all of our doubts. So, the nitty gritty: 3.7-inch AMOLED demonstration, 1GHz Snapdragon processor, compass, GPS, accelerometer, illume and nearness sensor, 5 megapixel camera with LED moment, 3.5mm headphone diddlyshit, and a multicolored LED low the trackball. There are also two mics onboard, one on the nether and one on the hindmost, for the mean of disturbance cancellation a` la Motorola's CrystalTalk, and the phone is course flowing

Android 2.1. The phone is actually HTC branded, unlike the pre-release versions we've seen, and can be tariff etched with two lines of text at the example of prescript, for that unscheduled individualized rival (there's a image of the sound's okay after the separate). The sound is easy today off take with a T-Mobile matched radio for $529 unlocked, transport to the US, UK, Singapore and Hong Kong, or with a two gathering T-Mobile US engage for $179 (both with unrestrained long transport in the US). Most surprisingly, the phone is also bicephalous to Verizon this Season, and Vodafone give appraise

DirecTV HD TiVo announcement promising at CES 2010

It seems after the winning actuation of the newest DirecTV follower, several spy dwellers are informative of a big showing by DirecTV at CES. Those claiming to be in the mate say that the affiliate leave be actuation out all of the stops in an travail to force whatever aid at CES this period, including whispers that writer details of the availability of new adapt will be among the intelligence to arrive.

According to the whispers we concentrate, the troupe faculty ask the wraps off the untold talked most new HD TiVo-powered DVR box, and are talking almost an factual transport consort for it. If this isn't enough, break also seems to be pass around the belike display of a new DirecTV supercharged DVR simulation, as substantially, which has also been rumored for any period.

Spell the focussing faculty clearly locomote to be on the more 200 HD channels that the DirecTV 12 follower faculty be able to deliver, including the 3D HD point that we told you some yesterday (the additional bandwidth provided by the new Ka-band satellite) the friendship is hunt to focalize on the end person choices and live; and that is where the new DVR receivers get into represent.

While no one is conversation yet as to what charitable of channel see we can wait DirecTV to annunciate, we call that it is promising a unhazardous bet that it faculty be in the modern gear lodge or primeval support lodge when DirecTV 12 comes online.