3DMark Next Generation [3D Mark 11] named, detailed

Futuremark is preparing a new generation of 3D graphics benchmark, 3DMark. The new version is called 3DMark 11 (probably called "the year 2011 or DirectX 11) and trying to be the worst nightmare of all current generation of GPUs (stress test). With added generation of GPUs DirectX 11 ATI, the" current ", 3DMark 11 will focus on the possibility of GPU '11 DirectX, you probably use the new textures and plate elements.

References will be able to move the GPU and future opportunities. At least one document confirming his game, he learned that the so-called "waterboarding waterboarding. There is no mention of NVIDIA PhysX technology, and it is likely that the reference value is used in standard features that are available for each generation DirectX 11 GPU. However, in the sale contract with a sapphire 3DMark Vantage (where research has shown a futuristic vehicle Sapphire game logo on it), this version of the MSI market. In addition, it will be attached to the MSI graphics card to run the software. Futuremark show their latest work, if this year's Computex, held in early June in Taiwan. The software will be released some time in Q3 2010 .

Prolimatech prepares Samuel 17 low profile CPU heatsink

Prolimatech latest work is a HTPC with the CPU cooler, low profile, Samuel 17, after a section of the Old Testament Bible story of David and Goliath. Fridge uses the CPU, in which six nickel-plated copper heat pipes in direct contact with the processor and transfers the heat to a series of dense aluminum fins that spread along the plane of the motherboard. In this document, users can install 120mm fan. Heatsink measures 92 x 45 x 82 mm and weighs 410 g. It supports all current Socket LGA in 1366, LGA 1156, LGA 775, AM3/AM2 (+). It is expected that the price of 40 euros, when it goes up for sale.